First-Rate Slide Gate Repair & Installation

Slides gates are one of the best options in the market. This option offers a great number of advantages; therefore, you should consider installing one. Do you need to repair yours? Contact Garage & Gate Service Pros at (800)528-6034

We use metal, wood, and other materials to build your gate. And thanks to our variety in styles, you’ll find the sliding gate style that fits your home style the best.

Metal Side Gate

Perfect for Steep Driveways

If you have a steep driveway, then a sliding gate is a perfect solution because it will not need to move against the steep gradient. On the other hand, with a swinging gate, it can be a nightmare trying to engineer a solution where the gate can swing open in a way that does not collide with the ground.

Put your project and trust in our hands; Garage & Gate Service Pros is here to help you. If you want a quality gate, then we are the team to call.

Wood Slide Gate

Wood Slide Gate

Sliding Gate Repair, Service, & New Install Includes:

  • New Fabricated Slide Gate (any size)
  • Track Repair/Replacement
  • Concrete Removal & Concrete Pouring
  • Guide Roller Repair
  • Wrought Iron Metal Repair
  • Primer & Painting
  • Preventative Maintenance & Lubrication
  • Post Repair & Replacement

Adding a slide gate for security or curb appeal can highlight the front of your home or commercial property. Whether you’d like to speak over the phone or schedule an onsite visit, we at Garege & Gate Service Pros would love to answer any questions you may have concerning slide gate options. Please feel free to call us at (800)528-6034 or schedule your repair online »