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How residential telephone entry systems work

For visitors or deliveries that require access to a telephone or intercom, a system can be installed. Most telephone entry systems work simply by communicating via phone line and allowing visitors outside to speak with people inside the building. In such cases, the entry system simply uses the existing phone line already running within the interior of the building and the property.  When a visitor presses the doorbell or button at the driveway gate, the phone rings inside the property. The newest systems often operate without a phone line and can allow you to talk to your visitor remotely too. 

Telephone or Intercom systems break out into four basic categories: Stand-Alone Audio Intercom Systems, Stand-Alone Video Intercom Systems, Stand-Alone Wireless Intercom Systems and Integrated Telephone Entry Systems.

Audio telephone entry systems

The basic stand-alone audio intercom system consists of a master or base station and a remote door or gate station. Some systems allow more than one door or gate station to communicate with the base station. Pressing the call button on the door or gate station alerts the person near the base station that someone is at the door. The person answers from the base station and communicates verbally with the visitor. By pressing a release button on the master station, a signal is sent to the electric strike or electrified lock to unlock the door or entry gate and allow entry. 

This system is the simplest option for remote entry doors and gates. The components include an electric strike or electrified lock, door station, base station, power supply and wiring. Some systems require a separate power supply for the lock or strike;  This can be an inexpensive two or three-wire hookup, simple to install, mostly maintenance free, one-man installation. However, if power is required to be installed at the remote door or gate, a certified electrician will be required as it is not a DIY project.

Video telephone systems

A video telephone system is similar to the audio system in its function but has the added benefit of a visual image of the guest that can be viewed from the base station. The person at the base station can instruct the guest to move closer or farther from the camera for a clearer picture. The homeowner has the ability to examine a badge or ID card held up to the camera on the door station. Some more advanced systems have options that allow the PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) of the door or gate station camera. This allows for a more detailed examination of the visitor or identification. In a gate application, surveillance of the vehicle or license plate may be accomplished as well.

The components include an electric strike, electrified lock or electrified gate opener, door/gate station with a video camera, base station with a video monitor, power supplies and related wiring. This system can be installed fairly easily and is mostly maintenance free. However, it requires multi-wire hookups and it is more expensive than basic audio systems. The system also requires sufficient lighting to accommodate day and nighttime use or the camera lens must be capable of adjusting to low light conditions. In gate applications, an additional camera for vehicle observation may be required. This system also may require considerable labor to run power, video and communication wiring to all component locations.

Wireless entry systems

The basic stand-alone wireless intercom system is intended for residential and small commercial applications. It includes a wireless master or base station and a remote or door station. The operation is similar to the audio and video telephone entry systems, except that wiring is not required to be run to all the components. In its simplest form, the components include an electric strike or electrified lock, door station, base station, power supply and wiring.

It is simple to install and has limited maintenance requirements. Stand-alone battery-operated locks can be used and released with a wireless remote. Or gate operations may be triggered using a remote control. It is more expensive than hard-wired units. Wireless operating range is sometimes limited to line-of-sight run length. Although communication is wireless, a local power supply may be needed for an electric strike or electrified lock application or gate operation.

Integrated telephone entry systems

The integrated telephone entry intercom system is used to allow entry through a door, several doors, or gates in a single or multi-family residential environment or office building. The resident is alerted someone is at the door or gate when the telephone receiver is used to dial the business or homeowner (or by pressing the doorbell button marked with a name). The person answers from their regular telephone and communicates verbally with them. By pressing a specific button on the phone, a signal is sent to the electric strike or electrified lock to unlock the door or gate and allow entry. In addition to the master panel in the entry or at the gate, the components include an electric strike, electrified lock or electrified gate opener, power supply and related wiring. In most applications the existing telephone system communicates with the master panel for an audio installation. If the master panel at the door/gate station includes a video camera, the existing telephone system is used for audio. The cable television system is used for video in more elaborate systems while the individual unit base station with a video monitor, PTZ controls and handset (similar to the stand-alone type) is used in other systems.

These integrated systems can be installed in various sizes to fit different applications. From a small system with six or eight apartments to a large building with hundreds of occupants, the components are available. These systems are more complex, but are mostly plug and play, maintenance free, and a one or two man installation. Since there are more equipment requirements, they are more expensive than stand-alone systems. If video option is utilized, lighting must be sufficient to accommodate day and nighttime use or camera lens must be capable of adjusting to low light conditions  In gate applications, an additional camera for vehicle observation may be required. There are also considerable labor requirements to run power, video and communication wiring to the various locations. Depending on the telephone and cable/TV systems involved, additional equipment or technical installation support may be required from the telephone or cable company.

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Benefits of residential telephone entry systems

Since there are some significant differences among access control systems, their benefits differ too. As expected, the benefits depend on the needs of each property and the most advanced models come with more advantages. As an overall, their benefits can be summed up as follows:

  • Increased security – The ability to restrict entry to unauthorized people increases security and privacy. A telephone entry system with a camera, buzzer, or other access control equipment will provide you with the peace of mind that an unwanted person is denied access without your permission. 
  • Increased convenience – Telephone entry systems also adds the convenience of remote gate and door operation. Some systems can be remotely monitored and controlled, so you don’t even have to be in the property in order to deny or grant access. During telephone entry systems installation, you program a number of phone numbers. When visitors try to get access, the system tries to get hold of you by dialing one number at a time. So, your visitors will always find you. And you won’t miss a client, delivery or friend.
  • Flexibility – Telephone entry intercoms might be simple for single home family units or designed to serve big buildings. But, they are still simple to use even by visitors with no knowledge of such systems. 

Needless to say, these systems are durable, water proof, and usually have a backlit keypad for greater convenience. It’s also important that home or business owners use their own code to enter their property and so personal protection is ensured too.

As a trusted residential telephone entry installation company, Garage & Gate Service Pros will ensure that your telephone entry system is installed properly. We take into consideration the manufacturers’ recommendations, safety codes and proper welding and wiring procedures. These are vital when installing a long-lasting automated entry system.

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