Six Tips to Keep Your Garage Cool This Summer

modern home with wood accent garage on a hot summer day

As a homeowner or renter, you know the importance of keeping your home or townhouse cool, comfortable and energy-efficient during the summer but are you overlooking one of the largest usable spaces in your home?

Summers in Houston are notorious for being both hot and humid,  on average temperatures during the summer can range from 91°F in June to 94°F in August according to data from the Greater Houston Partnership.

As more people work from home, the need to optimize usable space in your home has led many people to convert their garage into work-from-home offices, personal gyms, and craft/hobby workshops to name a few.

Why Does My Garage get So Hot During the Summer?

There are two main contributing factors to why your garage gets hot and steamy on a summer day, which are lack of ventilation and lack of insulation. High humidity levels in poorly ventilated spaces can raise indoor temperatures which can cause the air to hold more humidity until the air gets too saturated with moisture leading to that stuffy feeling in a room.

Garages are spaces for vehicles and home storage and, as a result, they may lack insulation. Insulation blocks heat from entering your space in the summer and holds heat during the winter which results in a cooler and more comfortable space during the summer and winter months leading to lower energy bills. Other contributing factors can include the direction your garage faces, the color of your garage door, and storing a recently used vehicle.

To preserve your home oasis, here are six tips to keep your garage cool and usable during the hot Houston summer months.

6 Tips to Keep Your Garage Cool During Houston Summers

  1. Store your vehicle outside after use
    This is a straightforward solution but waiting until your vehicle has cooled down can help you manage hot temperatures in your garage. If you plan to use your vehicle after getting home, just leave it parked outside as the heat from the engine will radiate and increase the temperature in your garage.

  2. Keep Your Garage Clean and Organized
    Having a garage full of old junk and boxes can trap heat and reduce airflow leading to higher temperatures and humidity in your garage. By spending an afternoon organizing and cleaning your space, you can improve airflow and as a result lower temperatures in your space.

  3. Choose a Lighter Color for Your Garage Doors and Home Exteriors
    The color of your garage door and home exterior can impact the amount of heat generated. Based on the direction your garage is facing, homes that are facing west will receive more sun in the afternoon and as a result, will become hotter.

    Dark-colored garage doors and home exteriors absorb more heat than lighter ones because they absorb more light energy whereas lighter colors will reflect more light and add a refreshed look to your home while increasing curb appeal and value.

    Explore our line of replacement garage door colors and styles to spice up your home while keeping cool this summer

  1. Installing a Passive Ventilation System for Your Garage
    Investing and installing a passive ventilation system such as a spinning turbine vent on the roof of your garage or a side exhaust ventilation vent for your attached townhome garage requires no to low energy consumption while dissipating heat from your garage.

    Contact and work with a professional contractor to make sure your vent is correctly installed.

  2. Use a Fan or Portable Air-Conditioned Unit in Your Garage
    Increasing airflow in your garage does not have to break the bank, finding solutions based on your budget can range from a standing oscillating fan to investing in a portable air conditioner can help make your garage a more comfortable and usable space.

  3. Improve insulation
    The best way to keep your garage cool is by installing insulation. This can help prevent heat from building up in the first place and by adding weather-stripping and caulk to your windows and door frames will help reduce heat from creeping into your space.

    Once you’ve insulated the walls within your garage, we are proud to offer replacement insulated garage doors as the final touch to help complete your insulation system and give you more complete temperature control of your garage space.

    Insulation improvements are beneficial in the long term and help lower your heating and cooling bills, as well as increase your home’s value when it comes time to sell.

We hope these tips will help you beat the hot and oppressive Houston summers and make your garage a more usable and comfortable space.

Contact Garage Service Pros for your garage door replacement and repair needs this summer to keep your garage doors working. Keep your cool and let us manage your garage door repair and replacements so you can relax all summer long.